What we’ve learned…

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Starting a small business is hard. Very hard. When all us Joe’s have demanding day jobs – it’s that much harder. If you’re one of a handful that have been waiting on us, our must sincere apologies. I suppose most small business learn their lessons the hard way; and we’re no exception. We’ll be more realistic about our time estimates going forward – promise.

Much has happened the last month or so. Most of it good, some of it terrible and sad. Keith Kirby, our craftsman who built and prepared our custom CTH cases passed away. Though his passing was peaceful, he left this world too young. I only knew him through our business dealings, but he was a kind craftsman with a good sense of humor. We’ll miss him, and I’m sure those close to him will miss him greatly. We have a small stock of his custom CTH cases left that’ll be made available soon. These will be the last of his cases available. We’ve been busy replacement cases (we had a number of cases in the works with Keith and needed to start over), and hope to have the fruit of our labors available in the near future.

We have quite a few PCB’s and kits that will be going up within the next week. I know that many of you have been patiently waiting, and we thank you. We know you’ll love what we’ve designed. Most of us Joe’s have been enjoying the final iteration of Dragonfly for awhile now and we have absolutely no desire to use anything else. We believe it’s that good. But don’t take our word for it :-)