Joe’s CTH Kit with Custom Case


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Product Description

Introducing “Joe’s CTH Kit”. It took awhile, but we’re finally ready to share the results
of our labor. Our goals were simple; design and assemble a kit worthy of this great little
amp – one you’d be proud to have on your desk, while removing the hassle and tedium
inherent in casing and part acquisition for such an amp.
Our kit supplies you with everything you’ll need to assemble your Joe CTH. Everything.
Custom aluminum casework with wood end caps predrilled and ready to use or powder coat or
whatever… check! Assembled wiring harness ready for installation… check! Down to the
rubber feet and zip tie’s to finish it of… check and check!
All the parts in Joe’s CTH kit are top quality. Nichicon caps, Vishay resistors, Alps pot,
silver plated and machined RCA connectors… check, check and check! Even the hookup wire
used in the wiring harness is 22 gauge teflon stranded silver plated mil. spec (the
exceptions being 18 gauge use for power hookup).
All hardware needed to assemble the kit is provided. All you’ll need to bring is the elbow
grease to assemble it, the tools to build it, the 6v or 12v 9 pin tube of your choice, the rest of your audio
chain and a tall cold brew.
Joe’s CTH kit comes with the complete BOM for reference along with building and startup

Additional Information

Weight 2.26 kg
Dimensions 11 x 8.5 x 5.5 cm