Dragonfly V2.1 Ultra-wide band, Single Channel Amplifier (Balanced) PCBs


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Product Description

Dragonfly V2 was designed to be a single channel amplifier module with very low noise and distortion. This is achieved with a four layer ground plane board, short signal traces, compact design and good component choices. With wide voltage rails and ample current available, these modules can drive a wide range of headphones, including orthodynamics.

Dragonfly and its companion PS^2D power supply are designed for easy configuration into a Single Ended (Stereo) or Balanced (Bridged) headphone amp. In a balanced/bridged configuration, 4 Dragonfly channels and two PS^2D power supplies are utilized. Dragonfly utilizes the LME49990 operational amplifier and dual (stacked) LME49600 audio buffers per per phase in balanced/bridged configuration.

 Dragonfly Datasheet

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