Balanced to Single Ended Kit


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Product Description

The Balanced to Single Ended Converter (Bal/SE) properly converts your balanced output device to a single ended output for use with single ended input amps or other devices. The use of a four layer board with proper ground plane design minimizes signal loss and distortion, and high quality op amps ensure the most transparent reproduction. An input impedance of 10k ohms and the ability to drive loads down to 600 ohms results in compatibility with a wide range of devices.

This small optimally designed board is the ideal match for your balanced output DAC. These four layer boards are made according to the following specifications:

  • All boards are FR4 170Tg/290Td which are suitable for lead-free processes and temperature.
  • They have ENIG (gold) finish for superior solderability and environmental resistance.
  • They’re 1.6mm thick (0.063 inches) with 1 ounce copper on both sides. For four layer boards, the internal copper is 0.5 ounce.

The Bal->SE Converter requires a 5v to 15v dual rail (bipolar) PS (Our PS^2 or PS^2D both match well).

This Joe Audio Kit includes the Bal->SE PCB, plus all the high quality BOM parts to build it.

Digikey BOM (Kit Parts)

Balanced to SE Datasheet


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