Who are we?

I am Luis, better known on internet audiophile forums as LFF. My background and formal training lies in the legal system. My passion however, envelops the broad topic of “sound” and the skills required for understanding, discerning, and manipulating the very finite spectrum of audio in its infinite characteristics and parameters. To satisfy this passion of mine, I took upon myself to learn and understand the enigmatic art and science known as mastering and restoration. I have been practicing this art and science for over 13 years now. Much has changed during those years but my passion and knowledge of this area of sound production has only increased. Over the past years I have restored audio from films, homemade recordings, vinyl, shellac and tape. My job and skill set require that I technically and creatively enhance and assemble the individual aspects of a recording project so that the end result is as polished and as natural sounding as humanly possible. In order to hone this skill set, I have constantly searched for revealing, accurate and transparent gear that remains natural sounding. The constant need for more revealing, accurate and transparent gear has lead me yearning to be part of an audio company. The compelling need to offer such equipment to people without charging an arm and a leg, while maintaining high quality standards, has lead me to be part of Joe Audiophile. I don’t just want happy customers…I want satisfied listeners. I’m Luis…and I’m a Joe.
My name is James (aka Avro Arrow in the forums) and I’m a Joe. I got my education in Electronics from the Canadian Military where I served for eight years. Back then we were still using lots of tube based gear. After leaving the military, I worked for an IBM spin off company known as Nulogix. There I performed electro-mechanical repair on IBM and Diebold “Insta-Tellers”. Later, I switched over to laptop computer repair, eventually becoming the Dell laptop team leader. As is with business, the big fish swallow the little fish and so Nulogix got swallowed by Solectron Global Services (and Solectron got swallowed by Flextronics Global Services). After being the Dell team leader, I was transferred to low level board repair, eventually becoming the Engineering Technician for that department. As an Engineering Technician, I got to interact with the Engineers, design and build test equipment for board repair and do lots of R&D. Now, I’ve always had a love of music but none of my previous position paid well enough for me to have large amounts of disposable income. I had to scrimp and save, but I was able to buy some Martin Logan electrostatic speakers, a Steve McCormack DNA 0.5 amplifier and Adcom preamp and CD player. Then I got married, had kids and things like expensive audio gear had to take a distant back seat. Now, I‘m a stay at home dad and have some free time on my hands, so, I thought “what better hobby than to put some of that knowledge I gathered over the year to good use and build some of my own audio gear”. And so Soundwerx Designs was born. I don’t claim to be the most cutting edge, but I hope you will find my designs sound great for the price, are well designed and are easy to use. Happy Listening!
I’m Mike, and I’m a Joe. I love music… more than that – I love audio. Playing or listening, it’s hard to imagine my life without music. Being a geek (software developer) affords me plenty of time to listen. It also stimulates a drive and desire to improve my audio chain. A couple of years ago I picked up a soldering iron again – something I hadn’t done since building ‘Heathkits’ with my brother as a teenager. I started with available kits, but began absorbing all I could about audio electronics – digital and analog. We’re fortunate to have communities like diyaudio, headfi and changstar, whose members have given generously of their time, knowledge and designs. It’s that generosity that has led to Joe Audio. Us ‘Joe’s simply want to share great components and kits for a fair price. Some of our kits may challenge you, but you’ll never be disappointed with how they perform. I’m Mike, and I’m a Joe.