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Starting a small business is hard. Very hard. When all us Joe’s have demanding day jobs – it’s that much harder. If you’re one of a handful that have been waiting on us, our must sincere apologies. I suppose most small business learn their lessons the hard way; and we’re no exception. We’ll be more realistic about our time estimates going forward – promise.

Much has happened the last month or so. Most of it good, some of it terrible and sad. Keith Kirby, our craftsman who built and prepared our custom CTH cases passed away. Though his passing was peaceful, he left this world too young. I only knew him through our business dealings, but he was a kind craftsman with a good sense of humor. We’ll miss him, and I’m sure those close to him will miss him greatly. We have a small stock of his custom CTH cases left that’ll be made available soon. These will be the last of his cases available. We’ve been busy replacement cases (we had a number of cases in the works with Keith and needed to start over), and hope to have the fruit of our labors available in the near future.

We have quite a few PCB’s and kits that will be going up within the next week. I know that many of you have been patiently waiting, and we thank you. We know you’ll love what we’ve designed. Most of us Joe’s have been enjoying the final iteration of Dragonfly for awhile now and we have absolutely no desire to use anything else. We believe it’s that good. But don’t take our word for it :-)

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All. Most. There…

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Yea, yea – we’ve said that before. But really, we are. We expected it to take awhile to get everything together, but it’s exceed our expectations :-) Cases are in, parts have landed (well, we’re waiting on one more that we expect to see today), wiring harnesses are built (yo – this is a premium kit!). Check, check, check. We should have kits ready to hit the door before Thanksgiving. Following shortly after, we have a real treat coming; Can you say ‘Wide band, high performance headphone amps?’ I know you can…

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CTH Cases have Landed!

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CTH Cases have Landed!

We’ve received our first batch of custom pre-drilled CTH cases, and they look fantastic! This round, we’ve ordered zebra wood and cherry. The fit and finish of these are top notch. Parts should be landing soon, and we’re just about finished designing our wiring harnesses. I know some of you are anxious, so I thought I’d give you a taste…

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DIY Joe’s way: More fun, less fidgeting

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We realize that some of you enjoy the ‘bits’ of DIY that don’t involve stuffing our building the circuit – we don’t. Our perfect kit would include detailed instructions (build order, circuit setup, caveats, etc.), a wiring harness and a pre-drilled, elegant case. So we asked ourselves – ‘What would Joe do?’.

Why – build these kits, of course! We’re hard at work sourcing parts for our CTH kits, authoring instructions and designing wiring harnesses. We’ve designed and ordered a first run of some awesome custom cases (more on that soon). Stay tuned!

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Welcome to Joe Audio. We’re just a couple of guys with a love for music and
the many ways we enjoy it. We also love to build things. Maybe it’s because
of the experience, or the knowledge gained, or the value – or maybe we just
have a bit of ‘Toolman’ in us. Whatever – we believe others do too, and
that’s why we’re here.

So who’s Joe? He’s anyone with a love for music, and the desire to build a
system that accurately presents the music we love. He’s anyone with a low
tolerance for buzzwords and marketing jargon and a hunger for high quality,
affordable audio gear. He’s anyone with a desire to roll up their sleeves
and build something unique. I am Joe – are you?

Welcome to Joe Audio – great audio gear for the average Joe.

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